Thursday, September 11

I'm listening to...

Holly over at Decor8 posted a challenge to her readers to blog or comment about what they're listening to right now. I'm totally up for this challenge because I'm really excited about new music right now which hasn't happened in a long time. So here are my picks of the albums I just can't get enough:

Vivian Girls

The Dutchess and the Duke

Fleet Foxes (also, check out First Aid Kit's cover of my FF favorite song, Tiger Mountain Peasant Song)


  1. Yes! Thanks!! I'd like to see more of these blogs... I wouldn't know where to find good music, if it wasn't for you. I love the Fleet Foxes tune... which you didn't put on my new mix... but which I have now!! Thanks:)

  2. i thought i put a ff song on your mix, no?