Wednesday, July 9

I have been on this detox diet since I got back which means no gluten and no sugar. So I'm craving cupcakes and frosting like nobody's business. These decadent images from Let Them Eat Cake Magazine and fashion photographer Amanda Pratt (I found these images at unruly-things and the link doesn't work! Does anyone have her new website?) are not helping any!

Let Them Eat Cake

Amanda Pratt


  1. Gorgeus pictures...I can't find her website though...let me know if you'll find a working link!

  2. i feel your pain! it's rough going, but look for these:

    no gluten, no dairy AND no refined sugar...try the GF ginger cookie it's the best!

  3. Love the pics too! On the last one it looks like she fell into a giant teacup!

  4. This is so cute! I have no idea who that is , but I hope you found a link that worked. May I mention you in one of my posts? I just came to your blog and it's very inspiring :D