Tuesday, June 3

Tuesday Treasures

I'm taking this is a sign that I am getting too old but recently I've become obessed with gold as a color and a metal. My entire life up to this point I only wore silver jewelry as a rule (except for a very special ring from a friend that I wear every day or the occasional fancy dinner or party that required a little extra). I thought gold jewelry looked tacky and it would never have been my first choice when picking out a dress or flip flops (love these). But now I just adore it! I really am turning into my mother. Yikes!

TOP: Athena Earrings by Luxe Deluxe; Chandelier Pillow by Artsy Chic Designs; Elegant Note Book by Ashley Bug;

MIDDLE: Handbag by Pomoga; Gold and Chocolate Ring by Bloom Studios; Mint Green and Gold Top by Supayana;

BOTTOM: You are My Sunshine by Jess Gonacha; The Kimberly by Snoozer Loser; Erica necklance by Miss Ashley Lu


  1. Thanks for including my gocco print in this!!!! (And I totally understand starting to like gold and feeling old for it. I'm right there with you!!)

  2. One way or another we all turn into our parents, eventually.

    You, at least, are managing to do so with style.

    Om Shanti Handcrafts

  3. Thanks, Kate! It's true...of all the traits I've inherited from my mother liking the color of gold is not the worst!!!