Wednesday, June 11

My Little Pony Shirt

It is just crazy to me that a designer can just put a $1500 ('s on sale for $1100) price tag on something that I wouldn't have even picked up for 25 cents at the SalvArmy and all of a sudden everyone wants it and it's on Christina Ricci in Hobo Magazine and everywhere else for that matter. And I have totally fallen for it because I love the horse print shirt from Martin Margiela. Maybe deep down in my heart I really have always wanted to rock t-shirts with wolves howling at the moon and grizzly bears fighting over salmon and this just finally has given me the OK to go ahead and do just that. What do you think? Horse Print Tee - Yay or Neigh? (I. couldn't. stop. myself!)

1 comment:

  1. Oh, this is definitely a "neigh" for me because I used to sell shirts like this at an amusement park in PA. I do like the shape of it, though. Maybe if the picture was of something not outdoor/animal related...but not for $1100.