Friday, June 6


Happy day! It's Friday! Kick your heels up this weekend!
  • I love the BIG DIY Photo thang I've seen all over this week;
  • angsty teenagers? check. hipster gear? check. great stylist and photographer? check. check.;
  • the most beautiful bedding...ever;
  • Man in a Can! Just kidding...Can for a Man;
  • for my NYC drinkers (you know who you are - hem hem);
  • another one for NYC - I used to love peeking into Mr. Pink when I lived in Chelsea. What a sad, sad day;
  • for Putty and Nana;
  • you too can be a famous published photographer;
  • for my mom (who doesn't read this blog but maybe she should);
  • great looking book of one of my favorite artists;
  • I'm not the only one with my mind in the's been a long week!
{photo by lori_ann}

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