Wednesday, May 14

What's in your cupboard?

I'm completely envious of San Diego's TheViewmasters' lead vocalist Lady Bird aka LadyredvelvetBird aka Lady Buckeye aka.... Not only does she get to work at one of the coolest vintage stores in SD - Wear Again Sam - but she has, like, the best wardrobe...ever...and apparently a dressing room (see above.) I have to share a teeny weeny closet with Captain McCool and this girl gets her very own dressing room. Well, I thought I would see what other people who have the luxury of dressing in their own room just for that very purpose do with their space. It was actually a lot harder than I thought so I had to cheat and add in some super duper big closets.

If you are a fashion diva who needs another room entirely to house your ever increasing wardrobe I would love to see it! So leave a comment and let me know!


  1. I need a new closet and I already have 2 in my room. One is only for dresses!!! I posted some photos of my room in my blog here:
    but it's really a poor thing compared with these wonderful rooms!