Friday, May 30


Phew. I finally got through my google reader! Have a super weekend!
  • "No, it's Mine!!!" I'm pretty sure either my sister or I had that printed on our cereal bowl when we were younger. I can't remember if it was her or me because we were both pretty bratty. But if I had these clothes in my closet I totally would. not. share;
  • I love this little guy! He reminds me of the devil kid in The Adventures of Unico;
  • oooh a daily with one of my favorite bloggers;
  • cool new must-have for the library;
  • I am the queen of collecting old jars so this tutorial was great for me!;
  • somday Dannikke and I will have our artist colony and I hope it looks something like this;
  • too cute;
  • oh yeah, i need this for the roommate rock band I'm starting;
  • the WASP in me says "Tennis, anyone?";
  • it's not summer without a pinata and this one is hil-ari-ASS!

{image from today is pretty}

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