Tuesday, April 8

Tuesday Treasures

I have been noticing a lot of vintage and vintage-inspired knick knacks and art popping up in the design blogs and magazines. I really like the look of mostly white objects with bursts of color like in this sneak peek over at Design Sponge and Holly's new friend, Oscar. Here are some of my favorite things coming out of Etsy right now.

Ceramic Owl Bank from fruit fly pie; Fantastic Brass Whale from go go abigail; Vintage letter N from blue bell bazaar; Trailer Park Plate from trixie delicious; Bird Cake Stand from whitney smith; Help Me Rhonda clock from trixie and radar; Elephant Book Print from PolYesterday; Vintage porcelain birds from Emily Lynch; Custom Monogrammed Plate from kelly wilson antiques; Leaf Collage from petit collage; Milk Bottle Set from cyrus the potter; W is for Wolf from Two Sarahs

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