Wednesday, April 9

Sandal Love

So I think in high school I was just waaaay ahead of my time. I used to wear shoes like this all the time and everyone made fun of me. Man, I would be SO cool now! Anyway, I love the sandal love that's going on right now. No more killing our feet and knees with high heels because these babies are flat, flat, flat. I love that I can wear mine dressy or casual or in between. And straps are totally sexy.
TOP: Dolce Vita, French Sole, Urban Outfitters, Type Z
MIDDLE: Helena, Pink Studio, Not Rates, Max Studio
BOTTOM: Corso Como, Urban Outfitters, Sam Edelman, Steve Madden


  1. I'm partial to the Sam Edelman pair myself. Just snagged a $12 pair in silver from Ross. They will probably only last for a couple of wears knowing my luck.

  2. $12!!! That's awesome. I have never shopped at Ross but I think I'm going to have to take a trip this weekend!