Tuesday, April 1

Get Inspired!

I promise I'll be back later with Tuesday Treasures and Tutorials (there is an all-staff meeting this morning - yuck!) but I couldn't start today without encouraging all of you to read Erin's inspirational post over at Design for Mankind. If you are reading this blog then you obviously have some interest in art, design, crafts, fashion, etc. and that means that many of you are probably very creative in your own right. Some of you may have already figured out how to transition from working a day job to working for yourself but most likely you, like me, are balancing working (60-70 hours a week), blogging, designing, etc., etc., etc. and just dreaming about the day when you can make it on your own. To kick our butts into gear a little faster, Erin has started the Roadmaps series and if the rest of the posts are half as good as the first then we are going to be making it work sooner than later!

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