Thursday, April 10

Book Club

I haven't done Book Club in awhile and that makes me sad. I found a lot of great books over the past few weeks that I'm absolutely drooling over. Too bad it's only April and Christmas is so far away. Most people know me well enough to just go straight to my Amazon wishlist. Seriously, it's like 12 pages long. I will never understand Kindle or any other book reading electronic device. I get that it might be more convenient especially when you want to travel, and moving with five million boxes of heavy books is never fun, but I like the feel of a book in my hands. I love being able to hand a friend a book that I know will change their life the way it changed mine. Even if you are able to swap book lists electronically, ugh, that just seem so impersonal and doesn't have the same effect at as putting a great book into someone's hand, ya know?

TOP: into the nature; fashion illustration; eccentric glamour; hubert's freaks; apartment therapy

BOTTOM: area 2 (i need this in my life!); an artist's america; the fug awards; superbad the drawings (i can only imagine); gorgeously green (i know some gorgeous gals who are getting this for their birthdays!)

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