Friday, April 4


We have a concert tomorrow night but Sunday - sweet, sweet, Sunday - I am off and Captain McCool is off and I'm looking forward to being lazy and irresponsible and going to the beach and buying a vintage dress and maybe some records! Have a fantastic weekend everybody and take some time to be lazy and irresponsible too! Here are some things to kick start the weekend:

  • If you're in New York (*hem hem* Sera), you better go to the BRAND SPANKIN' NEW Brooklyn Flea and take pictures and buy stuff and tell me all about it;
  • Ladies, this is just HI-larious. I'm a little wary about my comfort level but I might have to do a test drive with one of these babies;
  • And we all need some inspiration sometimes. I know I've been talking about them all week but I just can't get enough of Erin, Holly, and Marisa;
  • Cute stuff from a cute new blog;
  • Alright, get out there this weekend and do a trust fall or two.


  1. If you go forward with the 'test drive' let me know! I'm definitely all for non-disposable stuff, but not sure about this . . .

  2. Ahhh, thanks for the sweet link, my dear! :)

  3. ok...brooklyn here i come!