Wednesday, March 12

What's in your cupboard?

My heart went pitterpatter when I saw this before and after on Day-Lab-DIY (new blog crush). This is actually a makeover that I could see myself accomplishing on my budget! Well, maybe not at the moment but soon! I hate being forced to shop at IKEA for price and convenience but I've been seeing a lot of remixes lately that would keep my apartment from looking like it came out of the Spring Sale Catalog. Check out the eclectic combos of little deeries with thrifty finds and IKEA reconstructions. Just amazing!


For more IKEA deconstruct/reconstruct ideas check out IKEA Hacker!


  1. I love Ikea more than I should but what a great idea to paint the bedframe! Cheap & easy and doesn't look like your run of the mill cheap bedframe.

  2. this make me feel like fixing up my apt, which I totally don't have the time or money for right now =(

    Thx for stopping by Heart Handmade today! I'm so glad you enjoyed the interviews. -Marichelle

  3. ooooooooh la la! Very nice work! You should be on Style TV or something else along those lines.

  4. Thanks! But I can't take the credit. The real stylista is from Day-Lab-DIY. The link to her post is at the top of this one.