Tuesday, March 25

Tuesday Treasures

Ok, so there is this doily craze happening right now that I have to admit I don't really understand (unless it's in the images above over at Sweet Paul....mmm sweet, sweet Paul.)[UPDATE: Paul just informed me that the photographer for these lovlies is Frances Janisch. Thanks.] Understanding or not, it's out there in as many forms as you can imagine.

Vintage Cupcake Skirt from the vintage zoo, Sophie Earrings from Crochet Girl, TBD, Leaves and Antlers from Orange Tree Cottage, Say Hello to Spring from Wolfie and the Sneak, Orange Lucite Doily from Stray Beads, TBD, Pui Coasters from Studio Wonjun, Concentric Doily Earrings from Heather Guidero, Doilies Panel Card from Micah and Me, Flower Maiden from Pepperminte, Wrapping Paper from Enna


  1. Love this post!!! So many great finds!

  2. I'm not a doily person myself, but...I kinda like the look of small colorful ones as accessory. Especially the ones decorating that shirt strap!