Monday, March 10

Monday's Featured Artist

Yumi Yumi

Little Sparrows (Rainbow Edition)

Aline *Yumi* Yamada, the fierce force behind Yumi Yumi, creates whimsical art perfect for the start of Spring. The color choices compliment each other so deliciously. Actually, some of the pieces make me hungry for cupcakes and frosting! I just love the combination of nature, geometric shapes, and daring colors in her limited edition bird prints - my favorites.

Golden Icicles, Crystal Perch, Blue Icicles

And I love how these sweet, little monsters are welcoming Spring with bouquets of flowers!

The Cherry Berry Monster, The Coconut Berry Monster, The Loquat Berry Monster

White Love Birds (yellow/orange, blue/orange, light green editions)

She obviously got the owl memo and you know I love that!

Little Spring Garden

Go start an Etsy art collection this Spring (I know I plan on it). These prints would be a great place to begin! For more about Yumi Yumi, go to Aline's blog.


  1. I showed the little sparrows print to my officemate and she LOVED it, so I'm gonna buy it for her birthday! Thanks for always finding the best stuff!

  2. Hi there friend! I'm so happy you're here! I can't wait to have some extra cash and buy one of the bird prints for myself!