Monday, March 3

Monday's Featured Artist

Jane Ingram Allen

Jane Ingram Allen started working on her major art installations outdoors over a decade ago. Because of this she became concerned with the impact her work would have on the environment. She could have made the decision to sacrifice environment for art's sake but instead chose to make the environment and the preservation of it a critical element of that art. Like other artists/sculptors who work out of doors, Allen's installations are site-specific and use materials found in that particular space and time. Allen, however, does not work alone and, in many case, includes the community in the process and development, as well as viewing, of her projects. Certain materials Allen uses, such as seeds, change over time and actually can benefit the environment instead of take away from it. Here are some images found from her website and from the Green Museum.
If you need more eco-friendly stuff to feed your green fix, I've posted the first Greenie, Kate of Om Shanti, today!

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