Thursday, March 6

Lovin' Locally

This or a That is a funky little shop run by one San Diego lady. I have a couple friends who are really into pin up girls and would love her Bettie Page and pin up girl purses and bangles. All of the really colorful and pop-art inspired jewelry is showing up all over the place right now. But I lean towards the leather cuffs that would go so well with my leather ring from Tomate d'epingles!AND I stopped by Stacey Winters' shop. She has the CUTEST springtime buddies up! I just adore that little dearie!

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  1. i like the new header! easy for my old eyes to read:) thanks for all the fun invites lately, i had a dream last night that we were staying at the beach in a hotel with a balcony and we made stuff by the sea!