Friday, March 28


This was a pretty inspiring week because I

  • got the Refinery29 spring mix from Kristy;
  • became addicted to We Feel Fine after discovering it on Coveiter;
  • found out someone else has a boyfriend with a thing for giant paintings of boats;
  • came across this amazing new (to me) blog after reading her comment on DFM;
  • am starting my search for creative freedom with the help of these three lovely ladies;
  • Crave Amélie (whoever borrowed the DVD from Captain McCool PLEASE return it!) after reading her amazing posts all week long;
  • finally figured out what all the commotion was about thanks to my dear Sera;
  • love this picture of Kanye workin' it on the street;
  • am excited about the new project I'm going to work on this weekend inspired by the photos above and this guy.


  1. Your blog is really inspirational!

  2. Thank you, Maria! I'm happy I discovered your blog yesterday as well!