Tuesday, February 5

"felt like crying": Olivia Ew on Etsy

Ok. I was really planning on only posting once today. I want to try to break my habit of being "random" and have a semi-schedule for auburn and ivory. BUT then I saw this. And I was in love love love. Olivia's dolls are more punk rock than you or I could ever wish to be! I especially like her two-headed girls.

If I were a doll I think I would look something like this:

Check out Olivia Ew's blog for more of this sassy lady's little buddies.


  1. the bird on your shirt is pooping... I love it... cause i love little details (and i love poop.)

    I have a lot more to say (like you're awesome and this blog is the best thing to happen to me since i saw you last) but i started with this comment...mostly because i couldn't help myself.

  2. there you are little buddy! i'm so glad you here. I thought of you too when I saw the birdie shirt doll.